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How to recognize and choose the best balloon? What are the characteristics of the best balloon?

People who work in the field of birthday and party accessories are usually interested in buying balloons in bulk, and people who need balloons for a birthday party need to buy small amounts of 20-30 balloons. But both groups are looking for the best balloon.

This article is suitable for people who need to buy balloons but have no information about them.

The best balloon should be distinguished from the characteristics of each balloon, including the quality of the balloon, the life of the balloon, the material of the balloon, etc.

Best Balloon: Balloon Quality

All the balloons that exist are divided into two types, foil, and latex.

In this article, we intend to check the quality of different brands of latex balloons that can be found in Iran, so that in the end, you can choose the best balloon according to your needs with the knowledge you have gained.

This type of balloon is not produced in Iran due to technology and price limitations, and all of them are imported from China. Of course, efforts were made in this field to produce it, but due to the lack of success in producing quality material, its production was stopped in Iran, and there is no longer Iranian material for it.

Best Balloon: Balloon Age (Balloon Life)

One of the important factors in determining the quality of a balloon is its production time. The meaning of this characteristic is how long the life of the balloon has passed and in what year it was produced.

Sometimes people who have little skill in buying balloons or do not have the ability to sell them face the problem of not selling them after importing them and the balloons lose their quality over time.

Usually, balloons that are stored for a while stick together at first. Of course, it must be said that the air temperature and the position of the balloon during loading are also important.

Because in cold weather and when the balloons are placed in the lower cartons in the container, they stick together due to pressure.

Self-sticking is not a factor that reduces the quality of balloons, but being left stuck for a long time is a factor that greatly reduces the quality of balloons to the point that they burst immediately after being inflated and it can be said that they are no longer usable.

In the following, we introduce and evaluate the brands of imported balloons available in Iran.

Wonderful balloon

This type of balloon is sold in packs of 100 in the market and is the best-known balloon brand in this field. One criterion for identifying the type of balloon can be the weight of the balloon in grams.

This type of balloon is available in the market in weights of 100 grams, 150 grams, and 280 grams, and the 280-gram type is better than the others, and you must pay attention to its weight when buying.

It should be noted that this type of balloon, despite being better known, also has many disadvantages. This type of balloon has had many reports of lack of quality in some of its monochromatic colors. For example, in orange color, the bursting of balloons is relatively high, but in red color, it has better quality and the balloons have better durability.

In general, this type of balloon has average quality, because its quality is not very high, it is not recommended to use it for helium balloons.

Best Balloon: Wonderful Balloon
Balloon 280 grams Wonderful Spotted Mix

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Balloon Son

This type of balloon is also available in Tehran market and it is imported from China.

Of this type of balloon, the weight of only 280 grams is available in Tehran market (of course, it must be said that it is actually 275 grams). have seen. This type of balloon is mostly available in matte colors, and shiny colors are rarely found in Iran.

The best balloon: Seven balloons

Caio balloon

Compared to the previous two brands, this type of balloon has both more weight and higher quality

The weight of this type of balloon is about 295 grams and its latex quality is higher and it has a higher color transparency

Kayo brand balloon

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Miscellaneous balloons

This type of balloons that are imported by different importers often have a lower quality and also a lower price than the previous brands. There is no special way to buy quality balloons from these brands and it is completely random.

Buying them is almost not recommended.

Below is an example of a miscellaneous balloon

The best balloon

Very important point:

In addition to the brand and weight, which have a great impact on the quality of the balloon, its production time is also very important

Sometimes some sellers sell items that have been in the warehouse for a long time at a lower price, which has a lower quality. This is clear from the packaging and usually the degree of matte or shiny of the balloon when buying.

Next, we have prepared a video of the best balloons and brands available in Iran:

Introducing balloon brands

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