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  • Tehran’s famous sweet shops
  Criteria that are very important for the quality of confectioners, such as: the establishment time of the store, the use of high-quality raw materials, the attitude of the staff, the preparation of sweets on a daily basis, having sufficient experience in this industry, the parking space of the customer’s car, etc. Famous and old confectioneries are sometimes so good and popular that people from all over the city go to their favorite confectionary to be able to use its products. In this article, we tried to get to know some of the selected confectioneries of Tehran that meet the standards.

Famous confectioneries of Tehran

Tehran’s famous sweet shops are: Soldoosh Confectionery, Bibi Confectionery, Nutley Confectionery,Hans Pastry Vanilla Confectionery, Lord Confectionery, Sahibqaranieh Confectionery and Cook Confectionery are among the most famous confectioneries in Tehran. In the following, we tried to provide some interesting information about each of them.

Soldoosh dessert:

This group started its activity in 1945, although its name was Saqdosh in the beginning until 1980, when it was called Soldoosh. The wedding cakes of this confectionary are famous in Tehran and have the first rank, of course, they also have good birthday cakes. That’s why we put it as the first item in the list of selected confectioneries.
Tehran's famous confectioneries - Soldoosh Confectionery

Natli Confectionery:

Natli confectionary has been operating since 1340 and its main branch is in Sohrvardi North Street. There is also a cafe on the second floor of this bakery in the main branch. This confectionery has a wide variety of birthday cakes. To buy a birthday cake, you can count on its quality and good taste.
Tehran's famous confectioneries - Natli Confectionery

Bibi Pastry:

You have probably heard the name of this bakery a lot because the chocolate cakes of this bakery are very famous. This confectionary was established around the year 60 in Yousef Abad neighborhood with the initial name “Shirini Sera”. Later Bibi Pastry became the most famous confectionary in Yousef Abad and the most famous confectionary in Tehran.

Hans Pastry:

One of the oldest and most famous sweet shops in Tehran, which has been operating since 1940. An old confectionary with a German taste, which has German owners and has an atmosphere of old nostalgia. Customers know this confectionary as one of the best in the field of birthday cakes.
Famous confectioneries of Tehran - Hanas Confectionery

Vanilla Confectionery:

A modern confectionary with an impressive design that has layered cakes with a great design and a memorable taste that will encourage you to buy. Multi-layered wedding cakes and delicious mini-tarts of this confectionary are also famous. One part of the confectionery has a small cafe where you can enjoy tea and coffee with your sweets.
Tehran's famous confectionery - vanilla confectionery

Lord’s Pastry Cafe:

This bakery has been working since 1944 at the beginning of Villa street in Karimkhan neighborhood. This bakery also has a cafe on the second floor where you can make the fresh pastries you get more delicious by drinking a Turkish coffee. This confectionary is one of the best confectioneries in Tehran in the production of birthday cakes.
Tehran's famous confectioneries - Lord's sweet shop

Sweet and salty cook:

Shurini, sweet, purini, nonini, kukini, kukloche, kikuk, piekuk, dessert and kuknas. The names that you see in the menu of Cook sweets show that there is a creative and professional team behind this collection, who understand people’s interests and tastes and use their taste and art to create delicious and desirable foods that have a great variety of tastes. Cook’s custom cakes are one of the positive points of this sweet shop that they will prepare any design you order in the best way. This bakery has different branches in Tehran, all of which are satisfactory in terms of quality.
Tehran's famous confectioneries - Cook Confectionery

Saheb gharanieh bread and sweets:

In 1302, the 19th bakery of Tehran named “Nan Tehran” was established. After many years, “Saheb gharanieh Nan and Shirini” continued its activity as one of Tehran’s bread branches in the north of Tehran. The first birthday cakes that became popular in Tehran were through this confectionary. The three-dimensional and sponge cakes of this confectionary are also very famous.
The oldest sweet shop in Tehran - Saheb Qaranieh sweet shop

Tehran’s oldest sweet shop

The oldest sweet shop in Tehran, which is actually the first sweet shop in Tehran, as you have studied above in the history of the famous sweet shops in Tehran, is the Sahib Qaranieh sweet shop, which was established in 1302, that is, about 100 years ago. In the article

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