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An important part of the cake is the decoration of the cake because the cake dries due to contact with the air. That’s why in some cakes, the surface is completely covered with ingredients. The decorated surface prevents the passage of air and makes the cake last longer. In this article, we are going to read about cake-decorating methods.

Icing is the covering of the surface of the cake or the material that is used to cover the cake after baking. The use of icing on the surface of the cake is usually for decoration and beautification, as well as to preserve the cake. “Whipped cream, butter cream, meringue (whipped egg white), fondant or sugar paste, chocolate” are examples of layered ice. Layered icing is most used for decorating wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and cupcakes.

One of the easiest ways to decorate a cake is by sifting powdered sugar and passing it through a piece of paper with pattern cuts that is placed on the surface of the cake. In this method, colored edible powders can be used to color powdered sugar.

Some examples of decorating methods are:

Printing with edible ink

This method is one of the newest ways to decorate a cake. In this method, using food colors and a digital photo printer, they print the desired design on a thin edible paper. Then these printed photos are placed on the cake as a sheet. These photos are of high quality and their color clarity and color stability are not lost due to humidity.

Edible printing cake
Edible printed cake

The article, Photo cake design has fully explanation about this type of decoration.

Cake Design Page

This is another type of decoration method With it, you can put embossed patterns on cakes, especially cupcakes. In this method, by placing and pressing the design plate, you can design on the cake on the fondant paste or other covering pastes.

cake design page
Fondant layout page

Cake decoration with cream:

This method has been around for a long time and is still popular today. Of course, nowadays, other methods are added to this decoration, which adds to the attractiveness of these cakes Like Galaxy cakes, which are decorated with a kind of French sauce.

Modern cream cake

There is another type of decorating cream cakes that are in the category of modern cream cakes This decoration has been on the market for a year or two and is mostly used for Yalda cakes. They are also called pomegranate cakes. We have given you a picture of an example of this cake.

modern cream cake
Pomegranate cake

Decoration with brillo:

Brillo stays like jelly and has a clear and shiny state, which is used to decorate cakes and sweets. This product has different colors and flavors that you can use according to your taste. Brillo is also used to keep fruits on cakes and sweets fresh. Brillo doesn’t have a name in Farsi, and the name it has is in Spanish, which means transparent and shiny.

Cake design
Brillo decoration

Garnish with brillo:

Shine fruits:

One of the most important uses of brillo is to make fruits shiny, which prevents air from coming into contact with them. The diluted brillo is applied to the fruits using a brush so that they stay fresh and their color is preserved and they are also shiny. This makes the fruit look much more beautiful for decorating cakes and desserts.

Draw the picture on the cake:

They also use Brillo to transfer the design on the cake. That is, they use it as a printer to put the design on the cake. After the design is transferred, you can use the brillo itself to decorate cream, chocolate, etc.

Cake design
Cake design with Brillo

Fondant glue:

Brillo is also used for decorating fondant cakes. They put the desired decoration on the back of the brillo with a brush and stick it to the cake and dessert.

Whipped cream stabilizer:

After you apply the cream and shape it, you can use Brillo to stabilize it. The starch in Brillo helps to make the cream resistant and makes the cream change its shape later at room temperature.

As one of the cake decorators:

You pour Brillo just like cream into a funnel and use it to paint, design, or write on cakes and desserts. The difference with other creams or decorations is that Brillo is transparent and has a jelly form.

Decorating with fondant:

First, we want to give an explanation about fondant, see what it is and how many types there are.

Fondant dough is a type of pastry dough that is white in color and is usually used to cover cakes, sweets and candies. Fondant dough is made from starch, sugar and water. This process continues until the dough becomes a soft ball. When this mixture is cooked and cooled, it is very flexible and can be exercised and made into different shapes. Flavoring and coloring are usually added to the fondant paste.

Fondant icing:

Most of the time, fondant means fondant icing. Icing is used in edible decorations on cakes and pastries, as well as for sculpting and making shapes. Fondant icing is made from a combination of water, sugar, sugar, and glycerin and has a different texture than other icings.

There are three types of fondants in terms of appearance:

Liquid fondant, pasty fondant, and sculpting fondant

  • Liquid fondant that is a mixture of water, sugar, gelatin, and glycerin and has a creamy state.
  • Fondant paste, which is icing fondant and the most common type of fondant that we are all familiar with and is used to decorate birthday and wedding cakes.
  • Sculpting fondant, which is almost like fondant paste, except that it is more rigid and is used for sculpting.

Advantages and disadvantages:

The most ingredients of fondant are sugar and carbohydrates, so it has advantages and disadvantages in terms of nutrition.


It can be decorative It has high flexibility and makes it easy to shape. It has good color absorption ability. It lasts longer than other food decorations for cakes and sweets and does not spoil easily.


Consuming a lot of fondant is not suitable for those who have diabetes and liver diseases, as well as diet, and its consumption should be controlled. Also, the use of fondant is prohibited for those who are forbidden to consume sugar.

Of course, because of its taste, the fondant is not very tasty, because it is so sweet that it hurts the heart.

Cakes decorated with fondant are divided into several categories:

The first and most common model that we always see are sponge cakes that are creamed and then covered with fondant.

The second model is anti-gravity cakes. A decoration that gives us an image of dropping a food such as dragee, chocolate, truffle, strawberry, etc. from a high height. We have given you some examples below.

The third and last model is known as bust cake. This cake can be in the form of a bust or a human face, now it can be a selected design of a famous person’s face or a cartoon character or the face of the customer’s desired person. This type of cake is one of the creative and artistic decoration methods that has gained many fans today.

Top decorators

In this section, we are going to get to know some of the best decorations in Iran and their expertise.

Javad Hafezian:

Currently, their main specialty is bast cake and multi-dimensional and anti-gravity cakes, as well as painting on the cake. Positions won by them: 2nd place in the country in Kish Cake Show 95 The first place in the country in the Iran Cake Talent competition in 1996

We have given you some examples of their work, but to see more examples of their work, you can visit their Instagram: @javad_hafezian

Bahram Moradi:

Lecturer of anti-gravity cakes at Decoratan Cake Academy of Iran His Instagram address: @bahram.cake

Behzad Bahrami:

Specializing in 3D and anti-gravity cakes His Instagram address: @albumcake


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