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Balloon decoration: plaid balloon decor

۱۵ آذر ۱۴۰۱

Balloons are one of the decorations for celebrations, with which simple and even complex decorations are made. One of the things that can be done with them is to make decorative balloons in a plaid shape.

Some people think that balloon decorations are for only children’s birthday parties and only children enjoy it. But it is not true. In the past years, the popularity of the birthday theme has decreased, and instead the popularity of balloon decoration has increased. To the extent that in a few years the celebration without balloons will be unimaginable.

Today, its use in weddings and events such as engagement celebrations, conferences, festivals, etc. has shown that adults also like this decoration and it excites them also.

The point is, generalities are important for children, and adults pay more attention to details. It is better to use balloons with happy and favorite colors in the decoration for children, and if you have a birthday theme, it should be compatible with the birthday theme to make the celebration more attractive for them.

Well, in this article, we are going to teach you how to make plaid balloon decoration with available and easy tools.

plaid balloon decoration
plaid balloon decoration

Required equipment:

  • ۱۲-inch balloons in two different colors (preferably from the same color family)
  • ۶-inch balloons in three different colors (it is better if the color matches the 12-inch color)
  • Balloon hand pump
  • Broad glue
  • Scissors


Well, first, we inflate the 12-inch balloons equally. In order for their sizes to be exactly the same, we can cut a circle with the desired diameter on a piece of cardboard and measure all the balloons with it.

After blowing up the balloons, we spread glue on the back and stick them on the wall. When we stick the number of balloons we need, we go for the balloons of the second color and inflate them to the same size as the first balloon. They should all be the same size.

Now we put the balloons of the second row through the empty space of the first row. Now we put the smaller balloons with a bit of distance from those two rows and in a cross shape. Finally, we cut the excess tip of the balloon with scissors to make our work look more beautiful.

In order for you to understand better, we have also posted the video of this tutorial. In this video, you can see everything we said above in the form of a video.

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