Using leftover cakes

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In this article, we answer the following questions:

  • What should I make with cake crumbs?
  • What to do with dried cake?
  • What to do with the ruined cake?
  • What to make with dried cake?
  • Can you make a dessert with crushed cake?
  • Is it possible to make sweets with cake crumbs? Kinds of sweets?
  • How to soften dried cake?
  • What should I do if my cake is dry?
  • and ….

Surely, like many others, when there is some left over from your birthday cake, you don’t want to throw it away and you want to do something with it. Whatever you do, don’t throw it away. It has definitely happened to you that your cake gets damaged or crumbles, or even that your cake is left in the open and turns into a dry cake. This question always comes to your mind, what should I make with cake crumbs? Can you do anything with dried cake? Yes, you can do many things with it.!!!!

If you spend a little creativity and taste, you can have a delicious recycled cake or dessert… Of course, you may not know, but some confectioners also bake cakes from the additions of previous cakes or dried cakes. they use

We will give you some ideas here, and by using these ideas, you will even try to add more to your cake to make these delicious things. You can make cakes and some cool desserts.

Ingredients for preparing dessert with crushed cake:

  • cake crumbs
  • Cream
  • Bar chocolate
  • optional essential oil

How to soften dried cake?

In order for our cake to be usable, we need it to be soft, so in a large bowl, mix and crush the cake crumbs with ganache or anything that makes it sticky. Of course, you can crush the cake first. And then add ganache. Instead of ganache, it can be made from whipped cream or plain with powdered sugar, honey milk, melted chocolate, melted butter, honey, milk, nectar and many other things for the stickiness and deliciousness of your sweets. Use and you can also use different types of nuts like walnuts, almonds, etc. Your hand is very open. You can be creative forever.

After the ingredients are mixed, grease the bottom of the belt mold or put shoe oil paper and press the ingredients inside with your hand. Pour the chocolate sauce method and then you can sprinkle chopped walnuts or vanilla or chocolate cake crumbs and pour the chocolate sauce again to give a beautiful appearance and the cake crumbs to become sticky.

Open the mold, now you can use it as a cake or cut it as you like. Of course, because it is a heavy sweet, it is better to have small slices.

Cooking cocoa truffles with dried cakes

As I said in the first post, there are various sweets that you can make with dried cake. You can even make truffles from them. The recipe is as follows: After kneading and kneading, roll them in your hands and roll them in cocoa powder, coconut and melted chocolate, etc. and you will have a great dessert for parties or to decorate your cake. You can use cocoa powder, coffee, vanilla or any essential oil in its composition. according to your taste

Dried cake - cocoa truffle

After the pieces of cake are combined with ganache or anything else and it gets a consistent state, it can even be used as a decoration on the cake. That means you can cut and scoop for your desired shapes.

You can even use these crumbs as a base for cheesecakes or desserts. How’re you? I will tell you now:

  • You press it into a mold.
  • The method is to pour a layer of jelly and let it harden.
  • Then you can decorate the recipe with cream or anything else.
Dried cake - cocoa truffle

How to soften dried sweets?

The answer may be strange, but the method is to put the sweets in a container that can be closed and put a piece of very fresh bread in it and close the door. After a few hours, the sweets will be soft. That piece of bread works much better if it is fresh.

How to soften dried cookies?

This method is even interesting and strange. The dried cookie can be placed in a closed container next to a piece of apple. It will soften after a few hours. You can even use celery instead of apples. With these instructions, the additions of the cake will not be thrown away, if it gets damaged, it can be used. Of course, I would like to say that these were not all the things that could be made with cake crumbs or crushed cake or even broken and leftover cake. For example, you can make a frozen cake with cake crumbs. You can even decorate the cake with cake crumbs.

We hope you will have a dried cake as a sample and make these desserts and enjoy them. In this article, we were able to answer these questions:

  • What should I make with powdered cake?
  • What to do with the remaining sweets?
  • How to soften dried sweets?
  • How to soften dried cookies?
  • How to prepare dessert with crushed cake?
  • What to do with dried sweets?

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