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Colored smoke bomb at night

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How is colored smoke seen at night? What should be done to improve colored smoke at night and in dark environments?

Colored smoke at night is one of the most attractive and beautiful uses of colored smoke. To use hand colored smoke in dark environments or at night Use a light to see the smoke. This light can be the light of a lamp.

Colored smoke at night

But the lighting angle is very important. The light should shine either from behind the subject or from the side and both sides of the subject. so that the light source is not clear or is drowned in smoke.

One of the ideas is to use blue smoke in line with the month of May. So that the light shines so that all the blue smoke is illuminated as it moves towards the sky and the moon.

Here are some photography ideas from colored smoke:
Colored smoke at night

Colored smoke at night

Colored smoke at night


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