What is a Photo Cake? Edible photo cakes

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  • What is a picture cake?
  • Where can we get a photo of the food on the cake?
  • What gender is the photo on the birthday cake?
  • How to make a cake with food photos?
  • What is the photo printing machine on the cake?
  • Where to get edible paper on the cake?
  • Is the picture on the cake edible?

What is a picture cake?

Image cake is an edible product (even the photo is edible) which is placed in the branch of cream cakes. In this cake, any kind of photo, design, desired image can be executed with a food photo on the cake. It is a common edible photo cake that prints the photo of the person whose birthday it is on the birthday cake, or, for example, for wedding cakes, they print the photo of the bride and groom, etc.

The image cake is printed from completely edible materials and its ingredients are cornstarch, cellulose, and water. These substances have the necessary permits from the Ministry of Health.

To order a picture cake, you go to the confectioners and hand over your desired photo file to them, or if you don’t have a specific photo or idea, you can choose a design from their photo album that is for national and religious occasions, cartoon images, or football team logos. Choose. You deliver the weight of the picture cake you want and the design and photo on the birthday cake to the confectioner and set a date for your birthday or any other special celebration and that’s it!

Image cake - picture on the cake

So far, we have given a series of explanations from the perspective of a cake customer, and we have told you the basics of ordering a birthday cake. Now let’s see how confectioners print the photo from the computer on the cake. Or confectioners, where can we get food pictures on the cake? What is edible paper on the cake and where do confectioners buy it? What is the photo printing machine on the cake and how does it work? To make a picture cake, we need a series of necessary equipment, the first of which is a photo printing machine on the cake.

Image Cake Printer

Photo printing device on cake or photo printer on cake is used to print the image as a computer file on cake or other food items such as cookies, etc. Of course, it is interesting to know that to print the image on the cake, you just need to prepare edible paper and use ink jet printers. The difference is that you use edible ink from these printers to print Edible paper is used.

Image cake: photo printing machine on cake
Edible cake printer

Edible Frosting Paper

Edible paper that is used on picture cakes is paper that can be used to print pictures of food on the cake with the help of image cake printers and design the cake with any pattern.

The way to use edible paper is that you can print the desired images on the edible paper and then put the edible paper on the picture cake. For this, edible paper is printed inside the machine like normal paper and the desired photo is printed. Using edible paper, any picture, name or even a message can be pasted on a picture cake on a birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.

The most important feature of edible paper is that if it is exposed to air, it does not dry, does not lose its flexibility, and does not become brittle. In the picture below, it is clear that the desired photo is printed on edible paper in advance and the cake maker is slowly placing the edible paper on the cake to make a picture cake.

Image cake - Edible paper
Edible paper

What gender is the photo on the birthday cake?

The photo on the cake, as said, is actually edible paper, which is completely edible. Edible paper ingredients include corn, sugar, rice, oil, glycerin, food coloring, antioxidants, vanilla, potassium. You can order the cake with food photo from the confectioners.

Where can we get the photo of the food on the cake?

The edible photo on the cake is the edible paper. Edible paper is available in the market in three sizes, A3, A4, and A5, in packages of 50 and 25 sheets. Edible paper can be found in confectioneries. If you want to buy edible paper online, just search the term “buy edible paper” in Google. There are many sites where you can get edible paper on the cake.

Edible Wafer Paper

Wafer paper is a device that is part of edible paper and is used to decorate cakes, cookies and all kinds of sweet products. The materials used in edible wafer paper include potato starch, water and olive oil. Various designs can be drawn on the edible wafer paper using a pen and edible ink. Or through cake printers. Print the desired image.

These papers have the ability to give them the desired shapes by hand or using cutting machines, and even in 3D for the top of the cake, the sides of the cake or any part you want to be stuck. p>

One of the good features of these papers is their flexibility. You can put this paper on the cake in any way you want without it becoming fragile and use it for decoration and have a cake with a photo of food.

The packaging of these edible wafer papers is in packs of 50 sheets, which are available in the market in two sizes, A3 and A4, in thin and thick forms.

Edible wafer paper

Edible Ink

Edible image printing needs its own special tools, such as: edible cartridges, image cake printer, edible ink, and high quality edible paper.

Edible inks are known as food inks or cake inks. These inks are made from the best and high quality materials and are used to decorate cakes, cookies, ice cream, cookies, etc. Edible inks They also have different colors and packaging.

Other features of edible ink that can be mentioned:

  • quick drying
  • Non-toxic
  • sanitary
  • Safe for health
  • Excellent and high adhesion

The important point about this ink is that this type of ink cannot be used only with edible cartridges. It can also be used in normal cartridges that are used with normal ink.

Edible ink

Edible Pen Ink Markers

Edible crayons make decorating much easier for us. If you don’t have much time to decorate your cakes and cookies or you are not bored, you can easily decorate them using these pens, of course. These pens can be used to decorate donuts, food, etc.

These pens can be used on any surface. (smooth or dry, chocolate, hazelnut, etc.) Of course, this tool is also used to decorate tableware. The ingredients of these pens are: pure water, propylene glycol, food coloring, sodium benzoate, citric acid, methylparaben or propylparaben as a sugar-free preservative. Usually, the edible pens available in the market are available in 5 colors: yellow, black, green, blue and red.

Image cake
Edible coloring pen

In the article Cake design We also gave explanations about different cake decorations, which we recommend you to read.

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