History of Cakes

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What is the history behind cakes? In this article, in addition to the history of the cake and the history of birthday cakes, we also discuss the following subjects:

  • History of birthday cakes
  • When was the first cake created?
  • When was the first birthday cake created?
  • Who Invented Cake?
  • The history of cakes in Iran

When we take a look at the history of cakes, we see that the first modern cake in the world in 1727 was a cake recipe in a cookbook that only used eggs to puff the cake.

Bread baking existed before cake baking, but yeast was used to bake bread. At that time, they discovered that if they use a lot of eggs in the cake, they don’t need yeast anymore.

It was during the ancient Roman and Greek eras that cake baking progressed.
In the history of cakes, after Christopher Columbus discovered America, he reached more sources of cocoa and sugar, and this factor was the main reason for their progress in cake baking.
Another thing that had a great impact on the quality of the cake was the progress in the cooking oven industry. In 1780, when ovens were produced, lighter cakes were made.

History of Cakes
A photo of baking the first birthday cake

After the Great French Revolution and the destruction of the aristocracy in France, the cake recipe became popular among ordinary people and was no longer exclusive to the aristocracy. In the 18th century, a French cake maker named “Vatel” created a new method in cake making by inventing a type of cream called “Chantilly” (whipped) cream.

After the industrial revolution and the progress found in industries and tools, the production of all kinds of cakes, including birthday cakes, became more diverse.

In 1850, baking powder was created, the use of that created a light and soft spongy texture in the cake. And it was from there that they gradually created cakes in today’s style.

History of Cakes

History of birthday cake

The first birthday cake in the world was baked by the Romans. The Romans used to make special cakes made of flour, ginger, yeast, and honey for wedding celebrations and sometimes, for example, for people’s fiftieth birthdays. but, this birthday celebration that I mentioned was for men, and until the 12th century, it was not customary for women to celebrate birthdays at all.

But it can be said that the custom of celebrating birthdays became more common among Egyptians. Based on their pagan beliefs, they believed that once pharaohs were coronated, will become God. For this reason, they consider the pharaohs’ coronation day to be a very big day. Believing that a new god will be born on that day and they celebrate this day.

About 3000 years ago, the Greeks believed in the rebirth of “Artemis” (god of the moon). In the evolutionary process of birthday parties that were held, for this reason, they used a birthday cake for their own celebrations on the sixth of every month. Later, when the sources of cocoa and sugar were accessed, the cake developed and gradually became like the present type of cake.
The first birthday cake was baked in Germany. Germans used to celebrate their children’s birthdays with a cake. The cake, which was like bread at first, gradually became sweeter.
Until the 17th century AD, when baking birthday cakes took a more specific and precise form. It was baked with details such as types of cream, in several different layers, and with various decorations such as flowers.
At that time, only the rich class could buy the cakes.

Blow out the birthday candles

The bright and luminous candles on the cake were also a symbol of the brightness of the moon god. they arrive There is a belief about birthday cake candles that a person should make a wish and blow out all the candles with one foot. Even when his wishes come true, don’t keep this secret to anyone! That’s why most of the time people close their eyes when they want to blow out the candle.
Extinguishing the candles, on the other hand, shows the end of the years of each person’s life and the beginning of a new life and stage with joy and happiness after the candles are extinguished.

The history of cake in Iran

Iranians started baking cakes and pastries right after the Romans and Egyptians, but since hundreds of years ago, baking cakes is popular among Iranians. Unfortunately, there is no correct information about the history of cake in Iran.

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