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In this article we provided guidelines for buying a birthday cake and how to order the best birthday cake according to your budget, taste, size, occasion, etc.

At the end of this article, we also introduced confectioneries that you can order birthday cakes from and are famous in the field of buying birthday cakes.

First of all, we should know what the birthday person likes and what kind of cake he prefers. But if you want to surprise him, you should see what he likes and what his taste is?!
Now we are going to go into the details and explain the important factors involved in the birthday cake.

Birthday cake buying guide: shopping budget

The most important thing in buying a birthday cake is probably the budget we set aside for buying a birthday cake. We should reduce or increase our expectations from buying a birthday cake according to our budget. For example, if we consider a small budget for a birthday cake, we should not worry about large or multi-tiered cakes and settle for a cake of one or two kilos.

Birthday cake buying guide: cake size and weight

The cake you buy must be according to the number of guests you invited. The amount of cake should be appropriate, not so little that everyone gets a small slice and not so much that some is added after the celebration.

Usually between 200 and 250 grams of cake is considered per person. Note that if your guests like a lot of cake, consider 300 grams per person.

Estimate the size and weight of the cake in advance according to the number of guests. If you know the number but don’t know how much you should order, it is better to get help from the confectioner or the site you plan to buy from.

Birthday cake buying guide: shape and type of cake

Cake design is one of the features that affects the shape and type of cake. Most birthday cakes come in 3 shapes: square, circle and rectangle. There are designs that are more special and are made in shapes other than the original shape. To choose a birthday cake, the taste and interests of the birthday person are very important and his opinion and interests should be taken into account. For example, if the birthday person is a child and loves a certain type of ice cream, instead of regular cakes, you can order an ice cream cake for him, which he will definitely love.


how to order cake for birthday

Birthday cake buying guide: the flavor of birthday cake

In choosing the taste and smell of the birthday cake, the opinion of the crowd should be followed. If you don’t know what the guests like, which in most cases you don’t know, you can use cakes with popular flavors. Semi-vanilla, semi-chocolate cakes, and jam and cream cakes are usually popular with everyone.

But if, for example, you get a cake with the taste of peanut butter and a lot of it is used, there is a high probability that you will have a lot of cake left over!

Birthday cake buying guide: coordination of birthday theme and birthday cake

If you have a special theme in mind for your party, then it is better to choose the color and design of the cake in harmony with it. There are many ideas for the theme of the party.

For example, for boys, you can choose the theme according to their favorite football team or cartoon characters and heroes they like, such as Batman, Spider-Man, Ben-Ten, etc. or anything else they are interested in.
For girls, you can use the themes of cartoon characters and princesses, angels, flowers, etc. Of course, nowadays themes like unicorn and flamingo have become very popular among girls and they prefer to use these themes.

If you want to have a simple cake, you can choose the color of the creams, the model of the toppers (cake dolls, candles, etc.), and the cake decorations in a way that matches the type and color of your chosen theme.

Of course, sometimes the opposite of this happens. You like a special cake and choose the theme based on the birthday cake.

how to order cake for birthday

Cake design

When choosing a cake design for a newborn, special attention should be paid to his interests and tastes, gender, age and age.
By knowing these features, choosing and buying a cake will be much easier for you, and the amount of attention and You show your interest to the born.

Guide to buying a birthday cake: the writing on the cake

The most famous and most common text for birthday cake is “Happy Birthday” which is written next to the person’s name and congratulates him on his birthday.

But you can use other expressions to give variety and be creative, for example, point to one of the person’s personality traits or one of his characteristics that you find interesting and different, so that you have a different writing on the cake. For example, say happy birthday to engineer Jan!

Of course, you should not overdo it and write a long text on the cake. A small and stylish text that will make the person whose birthday is happy.

how to order cake for birthday

Birthday cake buying guide: cake buying tips

۱) You should choose a birthday cake that you don’t have a problem keeping cool and fresh. The meaning of this point is that if your birthday party is somewhere other than home, for example, a company or an open environment, you should be able to carry the cake without it getting damaged. Or, for example, there may be a party at home, but the cake is too big to fit in the refrigerator. In these cases, you must think about keeping the cake cool and fresh until the birthday. So, it is better to choose a cake that does not melt and does not lose its shape. Fondant cakes are the best option for this situation. Because they are difficult to melt and do not change shape.

۲) If the birthday party or your guests are allergic to certain foods or have dietary restrictions, you should consider these things when ordering the cake. For example, it is better to use cakes with less sweetness for the elderly.

Pastry selection

Well, one of the worst things that can happen on a birthday and destroy the happiness of all the moments is the delay in preparing the cake or not matching the chosen design! This issue is very important, so I suggest you don’t take any risk and order from a confectioner that is well-known and well-known for on-time delivery and for matching the final design of the cake with the customer’s desired design.

If you want to order a cake from a confectionary or an online sales website for the first time, check their portfolio and prices first, and be sure to ask others about its quality. If you have a different cake, you can go to confectioners or websites that have a wide variety of designs and models, and they even bake custom cakes for you.

In the article We introduced a number of good and famous confectioneries in Tehran, which reading can help you in choosing a confectionary.

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