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Office coworker birthday ideas

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A birthday surprise can be one of the most attractive and memorable parts of a birthday. Surprising a colleague or spouse or boyfriend needs an idea. Yes, you need a birthday surprise idea.

Most people love surprises and enjoy being surprised and it stays in their minds for years. It is very good that your friends and people around you think about you and that your birthday is important to them and always expect a surprise on your birthday.

Always try to surprise your friends or colleagues or spouse. Well, here we are going to introduce you some special ideas to surprise your friends on their birthday.

Of course, ideas like entering the room late at night and having a party are trivial ideas

Here, we are not going to offer you ideas like entering the room late at night or having a party, etc., which are mundane surprise ideas. We have prepared interesting ideas for you:

Birthday surprise with an envelope in the form of numbers

In this type of surprise, people close to the person write the beautiful memories they have with that person or anything else on paper and leave an envelope for the person.

In order to have a more beautiful decoration, it is better if the envelopes are small and big and with different colors.

جهت خرید پاکت پول به صورت عمده می توانید به صفحه خرید عمده پاکت پول مراجعه کنید

Birthday surprise with birthday letter and number
Birthday surprise with birthday letter and number

Letter birthday surprise idea

The idea of this model is exactly the same as the previous one, but this birthday surprise idea does not reveal the person’s age. This surprise idea for colleagues and especially female colleagues can be suitable and useful. Of course, anyone who doesn’t like others to know their age should use this model.

Birthday surprise by letter
Birthday surprise by letter/figcaption>

A very special birthday surprise idea by hanging a photo gallery

You probably have the experience of using helium balloons. We know that if these balloons are inflated properly, they will rise so high that they stick to the ceiling. Exactly in this birthday surprise idea, we are going to use this great feature of balloons filled with helium gas.

This surprise idea is a bit romantic and it is for the people you love.

The idea of the surprise is to choose two or even single photos of your love and hang the end of the helium balloon with a colored thread. Due to the feature of the helium balloon, the photos will be suspended in the air, while the ceiling is full of colored balloons that stick to the ceiling.

It will be a wonderful sight. I suggest that the photos you choose represent one of your good memories from previous years. Every photo is a memory! Isn’t it great?

For more beauty of the view, you can not limit yourself to the hanging photos and the beautiful ceiling decorated with helium balloons and choose some warmer candles or other beautiful candles on the floor.

When a person whose birthday is entering that place, his eyes first fall on the candles, then he looks at the balloons and is completely surprised.

This idea can be one of the most romantic and emotional surprise ideas for your love, your wife, etc.

Birthday surprise for my love
A very special birthday surprise

Surprise idea with blue balloons

This idea is a bit mischievous and you will definitely get wet 🙂

Prepare a basket of different balloons that you have already filled with water and place them at the door. Write on the basket that if you can show me with these balloons! Or something like this.

For yourself, leave a similar basket of balloons filled with water in advance and take shelter somewhere.

When the person whose birthday is about to enter that place, he will be faced with balloons and the text you wrote for him, and he will probably be a little confused. Now it’s time to throw the first shot at him and start this war full of water. As soon as he touches the first balloon and gets wet, he will know what to do with those balloons :)))

Birthday surprise with blue balloons
Birthday surprise with blue balloons

In the previous post birthday surprise</” a> We introduced you with letter envelopes.

In this surprise, we intend to introduce you to other kinds of beautiful surprises

Birthday surprise idea with some small gifts with special gift paper

Instead of preparing a big gift, you can prepare several small gifts for the person whose birthday it is. But in this surprise idea, the person whose birthday is not allowed to open your small gifts together.

Write down different times on the paper of the gifts and get him to promise that you must open each gift at the time that is written down, otherwise you have broken your promise!

In this way, he can enjoy his birthday all day and it seems as if he is constantly receiving gifts from you at different hours. Everyone is counting the moments until the time of the next gift arrives to see what this one gift can contain.

Of course, you don’t need to buy all the gifts for yourself. You can coordinate with the people who are invited to the party and are going to bring gifts and write one hour each on the gifts.

The idea of a surprise is very attractive and can make a person’s birthday memorable.

Birthday surprise with small gifts
Birthday surprise with small gifts

Birthday surprise idea with car decoration

You may not be able to have a birthday party for your love or boyfriend or girlfriend at home or in a coffee shop for any reason. Or maybe you want to have a small party for two for a surprise or to be more romantic and make memories before the main party.

There is also a birthday surprise idea for this situation. You can decorate your car. Yes! Put balloons on the car, tie a ribbon and have a small party in the car. Partying in a car is easier and easier, and you can invite up to 4-5 people and make your party more cool.

Birthday surprise with car decoration
Birthday surprise with car decoration

Birthday surprise with a room full of balloons

If you want to go inside someone’s house and surprise him before he comes, maybe this surprise is the best for you

In this kind of surprise, you can make your partner happy with a room full of balloons in the color he likes.

At the same time, it costs you a little bit

Birthday surprise my love
Surprise your love’s birthday with a room full of balloons

In the previous post, we taught you methods using balloons and gift paper

Now, in this article, we are going to teach you ways to surprise your colleague’s birthday.


In the following, we would like to present you some surprise ideas for the birthday of our colleague:

Surprise a colleague’s birthday with a special clip

If you want to have a special surprise, I recommend that you make a very good video. There are many softwares to create a clip with very little time.

Among the various software that you can use without any technical knowledge, the quick program is one of the best. You can also use the viva video program.

Both of them are available in Google Play and you can easily install them. It is very easy to use this software and I really recommend it

Surprise birthday with a special gallery of memories
Surprise birthday with a special gallery of memories

Birthday surprise with newspaper printing

It will be very special when your colleague enters his room in the morning and opens the newspaper to see the headline of his birthday. This kind of surprise can be a nice thing for a colleague

For this, you can visit Zaheer al-Islam Street, so they can do the graphic work for you and print it for you right there.

Colleague's birthday surprise
Birthday surprise with newspaper

Surprise with a box of balloons

It will be very special if your colleague comes across an empty box and opens it and sees all the balloons coming out of it. You have probably seen this idea in many movies.

Just remember that you can use helium balloons to make it more attractive.

If you want to know about helium balloons or want to buy, you can visit helium balloon click

Colleague's birthday surprise
Colleague’s birthday surprise

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