what is the name of birthday decoration items?

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  • What does the birthday theme include?
  • What is a birthday theme topper?
  • What things are needed for a birthday theme?
  • name of birthday theme items What are they?

At the end of this article, you should have answered these questions: Over the years, birthdays have changed from the traditional look and smell to more modern, stylish and luxurious ones. One of the most important birth tools that With it, you can make the birthday more beautiful and prepare an eye-catching decoration for it. It is a birthday theme. New birthday themes are trending every year and this trend continues. When you have a birthday coming up, you are anxious to buy the best birthday theme and Your birthday supplies should be complete and without shortages or at least you have prepared the most essential components of the birthday theme. In this article, we tried to introduce you the most important birthday items so that you can write down the list of the most used birthday theme items. If you want to find out what the birthday theme is and how to get it and know everything about the birthday theme, go to the article What is a birthday theme See Birthday theme items include items</span > It will be a lot. It can be said that each birthday theme includes more than 20 fonts birthday supplies Let’s explain the most important items of the birthday theme one by one:

Plate and glass:

Plates and glasses are the most used items of the birthday theme, so whatever birthday theme you want to buy, you will definitely buy its plates and glasses.

Birthday theme plates and glasses are mostly made of paper and these papers have different qualities. If the plate and glass you buy is not of good quality, it can contaminate the food in it and, God forbid, make your guests sick.

Plates and glasses - birthday theme items
Plates and glasses of birthday theme items

Of course, keep in mind that the lower the quality of the paper from which the plate and glass are made, the lower the price will be and it may be more affordable for some people. For more information about the quality of plates and glasses and birthday theme items, refer to the article on the quality of birthday themes.


Birthday straws are not necessary, but because they are not expensive, they are usually bought. The material of the straw is plastic, and in this case, you must make sure that the plastic is of good quality. The function of the straw is more for the drink that is poured into the birthday themed glasses. They put the straw next to the glass and plate, it has a birthday theme and is also decorative. These straws are completely the same color as the whole birthday theme and they have a paper clip on the top which is also the design of the birthday theme.

Toothpick :

This part of the theme is meant to be dipped in the cake or placed next to the cake during reception. This necklace has a long length and at the end of it there is a theme character.

What is the birthday theme topper? ? :

This device is from the list Birthday Theme Items It is also an interesting item. Birthday theme topper or birthday theme gift is used to give gifts to guests. This device has a birthday theme colored ribbon at the end.

What is a birthday theme topper?

What is a birthday theme topper?

Large and small bottle labels:

This part of the theme is present in some themes and not in others. It is an interesting birthday theme. This is how you will have a label that can be glued. You can stick right on the factory label of the soft drink bottle that you are going to distribute at the party. This product is used when guests are expected to receive soft drinks

Mask :

This part is for the person who was born and is designed for the type of theme next to the birthday hat

The material of the birthday mask is paper and one of them is enough for birthdays

Birth fork and knife:

As mentioned, these two are used next to the birthday theme plate. It should be noted that there are two types of knives in the birthday theme. A type of knife that is for guests and is small

There is another type of knife and it is single in the packs and is used to cut the cake

There is also a kind of spatula to remove the cake

Birthday hat:

As mentioned, the birthday hat is used next to the naqalab for the person born.


This table, on which all the items are arranged, gives a special effect to other items and is usually the size of a table for 4 people.



The birthday napkin can not be used and it is used next to the birthday theme plate.

birthday thread:

This thread is usually used behind the table where things are arranged or on the curtain.

Birthday theme thread

Popcorn container:

As its name suggests, it is used if you plan to serve popcorn

ظرف پاپ کورن خوری
Popcorn container

Also, there are other items such as joy cylinder, footprint and birthday theme flash, which are used less often.

Most used and least used items of birthday theme

Each theme has more than 10 items, of which 6 items are usually the most used (list of birthday theme items)

  1. birthday plate
  2. cup
  3. Handkerchief
  4. Flag
  5. Hat
  6. gave

The rest that are less used include:

  1. Flash to mark guests towards birth place
  2. Banner
  3. Rise
  4. Table

To know about the quality of the birthday theme, where to buy the birthday theme, its price, etc., refer to the article on the birthday theme

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