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Balloon decoration tools and materials

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  • What are the tools needed to decorate balloons?
  • How to decorate the ceiling with balloons?
  • How many balloons are needed for balloon decoration?
  • What types of balloon decorations are there?

We have answered all the above questions in detail in this answer article.

For any celebration like birthday and wedding….the most eye-catching part is decoration and balloon arrangement.

One thing that encourages everyone to have balloons in their party is that it can be done at a very low cost, and secondly, it is not a difficult task, it just takes a little patience and time. With a few ribbons, balloons and some adhesive tape, the whole thing is done.

Before we go to the main topic, you might want to know more about choosing the balloon you need for balloon decoration. We have a comprehensive article on this topic called choosing balloons for balloon decoration. Be sure to visit it.

In this article, we will offer you some examples and give you ideas so that you can have beautiful decorations with the simplest tools.

The use of balloons for decoration started in 1976 and the art of balloon decoration was started by Mr. Treb Henning from the city of Los Angeles. When we use the large volume of balloons to decorate and make decor so that it is in harmony with the theme of the ceremony and has an orderly arrangement, it can be said that the balloon arrangement is done.

Balloon arrangement is one of the decoration methods that is used a lot nowadays because of its advantages. For example, it had a stylish and beautiful decoration in a short time and at a low cost.

Balloon decorations are used for various events such as weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, conferences, exhibition stands, etc.

Balloon arrangement training

Nowadays, there are schools and courses for teaching this art so that this work can be taught and performed professionally.

Among these schools, we can mention balloon school and balloon classes at Salam Sadeghieh School.

Balloon School teaches this art in a professional and principled way and they hold their classes in all cities. to update their information.
To see the portfolio, learn about the courses and participate in the classes of this school, you can go to the website of this school at the address See

Salaam Sadeghieh School’s balloon decorating classes also organize this art for their students, from beginners to professionals, in order to prepare for the job market. You can also refer to this school’s website.

Equipment needed for balloon decoration

Among the main tools of this work, the following can be mentioned:

  • Latex and foil balloons
  • manual and electric balloon pump
  • Balloon glue
  • Balloon decoration strip
  • Balloon thread

Latex and foil balloons

Latex and foil balloons, which are the main and most important part of balloon decoration. Latex balloons are balloons in different sizes and colors, of course, the material of these balloons is also important. have the streak of not having “balloons”. 

Of course, in the balloon article, we gave more complete explanations for balloon decoration.

Manual and electric balloon pump

In balloon arrangement, because we are going to use a lot of balloons, we definitely need a pump. The pumps are available in two types, manual and electric, and the electric pumps themselves are available in the market in two types, single nozzle and double nozzle. For ease of work and because a large number of balloons are going to be used, it is better to use an electric pump to speed up the work process.

Balloon glue

Balloon glue is used to stick balloons together and to the ceiling or somewhere.

Balloon glue


This product is available and can be ordered. You can see the information of this product by referring to the balloon glue purchase page.

Balloon ribbon

Balloon tape is a simple device that by using balloon tape you don’t need to use glue and balloon thread anymore and you can easily measure the balloons with it and make a balloon arch of any size you want for decoration.


You can easily size and tie the balloon with the specified spacing and spaces.

Balloon thread or ribbon

One of the simple ways to decorate is to use balloon thread. After the balloon is inflated, these ribbons are attached to it to give it a beautiful effect.
Balloon ribbons are in simple and diverse models that you can use depending on your needs.

We have given you the photos of the models of this ribbon below.

Decoration and balloon arrangement

For any celebration, perhaps one of its attractive parts can be decoration and balloon arrangement.

Balloons are used to decorate birthday parties, weddings (decorating the place of the bride and groom), graduation parties, etc., and this art also helps the beauty of photos and videos recorded from these events.< /p>

You can use very simple decorations with few tools to big and professional decorations..

In the following, we will teach different types of balloon arrangements:

Balloon decoration

Ceiling balloon arrangement

Ceiling balloon decoration that is done on the ceiling is one of the simplest and most convenient types of balloon decoration. This type of balloon arrangement is that you inflate the balloon and stick it to the ceiling one by one. As simple as that!!!

Of course, balloon decoration on the ceiling is a very interesting thing to tell you. You can easily decorate the ceiling by spending a little more money and just by filling the balloons with helium gas. The helium gas inside the balloon makes the balloon go up and stick to the ceiling and stay there for several hours. In this way, you don’t need to spend more time gluing the roof.

Of course, if you are bored, there is another way to stick the balloon with glue, which is very common.

For the beauty of hanging balloons from the ceiling, try putting a colored ribbon on the ends of the balloons like the photo below. Depending on the height of your ceiling, the length of the ribbons can be up to half a meter. Putting a ribbon on the end of the balloon helps to make your ceiling balloon more beautiful.

Another idea for the ribbons is that you can stick the end of the ribbons that is going to hang with the photo of the person whose birthday it is. Of course, you can also use the moon and stars.

Ribbons and balloons can be chosen according to the birthday theme you have chosen for the birthday. For example, if the birthday theme is green, balloons and ribbons are used from the range of green colors.

The distance between the balloons on the ceiling also depends on how you like it. If it’s crowded, you like to put everyone together with a high number, but if it’s quiet, you like to stick them together with more distances.

Simple balloon decoration on the wall for birthday

Well, the next idea we have for you in the decoration and balloon arrangement section is to decorate the wall with balloons.

You can easily decorate the place behind your birthday table with balloons. There are many ideas for decorating balloons on the wall. For example, you can make the age of the person whose birthday is in numbers with balloons on the wall. Or, for example, draw a flower or a heart. Or stick a row of balloons on the wall without logic. Of course, like the picture below, you can also use strings and hangers and create other beautiful designs.

Balloon stand decoration for birthday

Today, the balloon stands made the work somewhat easier for us.
Using a balloon stand, in addition to saving money, also helps to make your decoration space more beautiful. Stands differ in the number of branches. Stands with 7 branches, 12 branches, etc. are available in the market.

The stands are a circular base with a diameter of approximately 15 cm, to which some plastic branches are attached and the height of the branches is different.


Decorate the balloon stand for birthday
Balloon stand

Balloon gift

In their celebrations, some people like to give a souvenir to their guests so that the memory of that celebration will last for them. Connect the gifts with a balloon string and give them the gifts.

Balloons can be colored and all of them should be the same color, so that there will be no more differences between the children to choose the color.

Balloon arch

Another thing that is part of the decoration and balloon arrangement and makes the decor of the celebrations more beautiful is the balloon arch.

Well, the balloon arch is very beautiful and it takes a lot of time to make it. But it is worth it. Because it gives a lot of beauty to your celebration.

We put the method of making this arch in the article on how to make a balloon arch.

Balloon arch
An example of a balloon arch

Balloon flower

Another part of decorating and arranging balloons can be making flowers with balloons. Flowers that have many uses can be installed on the wall and beautify your party decor and can also look like a bouquet. In the picture below, you can fully understand how attractive the inflatable flower is.

Balloon flower

Learning how to make a balloon column

If you haven’t seen the balloon column at birthday parties, you must have seen it at store opening parties or decorating corridors at weddings. Not only does the balloon column not require much space, but it is very easy to make.

We will teach you in an article titled how to make a balloon column using simple methods and see its different models.

How to make a balloon column - balloon column for opening
Balloon column for party decoration

Decorative balloons

The meaning of decorative balloon is that you can put small and colorful balloons inside a big and clear balloon and make a decorative balloon that gives a great effect to your celebrations.

Decorative balloons can be used in many cases. You can use it for the decoration of your celebration and you can also give it as a gift to the person whose birthday it is.

It is not difficult to make it and it can be made with a little care.

In the article, we explained the steps of making decorative balloons and you can watch the video tutorial.

decorative balloon
Decorative balloons

The simplest balloon decoration

Balloons are one of the decorations for celebrations, with which simple and complex decorations were made. One of the things that can be done with them is making a simple decorative balloon decor.

You don’t have to face any special complexity to make this decor and you can make it with very simple tools.

Using 12 and 6 inch balloons and glue and pump, you can easily make this decoration for your party.

In the article on how to make a simple decorative balloon decor, we told you how to make it and the steps of this decoration, which you can see.

Making a simple decorative balloon decor
Making a simple decorative balloon decor

Making balloons

Another interesting thing that can be done for birthdays, especially children’s birthdays, is making balloons. It helps to decorate your birthday and is an interesting entertainment for children.

It can be used in various ways, for example, you can use it as a photo prop and put the children in it and take pictures.

In the article on how to make a balloon, we have given you the tutorial so that you can see that it is not too difficult or complicated.

Making balloons
Balloon balloon

Building a balloon cloud

Balloon clouds are one of the things that are used in balloon decorations. A cloud of balloons is one of the things that makes the table decoration extremely beautiful and has a very beautiful effect.
It can be used.

If you are interested in making this type of balloon arrangement for your upcoming celebration, I must say that it is not difficult at all, and we have explained to you in one of our articles titled “Making Balloons from 0 to 100”.

balloon cloud
Building a balloon cloud

These were some of the simplest ways to decorate balloons that you can easily have a stylish and beautiful decoration for your celebration with simple and available items at home.

If you have a special theme or a very special decoration in mind, you can get help from experts in this work
or designers who are active in this field to have a stylish balloon arrangement for you.

You can visit the page of these products in our store to buy balloons and accessories needed for decorating balloons.

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