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How to decorate children’s birthday party?

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Decorating a child’s birthday party is important since children’s birthdays are very important for parents. On the day of the child’s birthday, parents try to arrange the best preparations and make the best decorations for the celebration. Among all the years that parents celebrate their children’s birthdays, the first birthday of their children is the most important birthday celebration for parents. A birthday that will be remembered by everyone and an unforgettable memory for the guests.

In this article about decorating a child’s birthday party and its details, we are with you along with dozens of ideas for decorating a child’s birthday party in the form of a picture.

Decorating a child’s birthday party includes three parts as follows:

  • Balloon decoration
  • Birthday theme (birthday table decoration)
  • Decorating the birthday cake

Decorating a child’s birthday party: balloon arrangement

As you know, in recent years, balloon decoration has become one of the main pillars of decorating a birthday party. The decoration of the child’s birthday party is not excluded from this type of decoration. Children’s balloons have become popular because they are cheap and eye-catching and give a very beautiful look to the birthday party.

In the following, we have shown pictures of decorating a child’s birthday party with balloons in several pictures, from which you can get the idea of your own child’s birthday party.

تم تولد (تزیین میز تولد)

One of the methods used to decorate a child’s birthday party is that people use birthday themes to decorate the birthday table. The good thing about birthday themes is its great diversity to the point where you will find a suitable birthday theme for every taste of your child. There are many types of birthday themes, from cartoon characters to football teams or simple colors… they are available in the Iranian market.

As we mentioned, the 1st birthday party is the most special and important birthday party for parents, and for this purpose, a special theme has been created for the 1st birthday party.

Birthday themes are not only for birthday parties, but for other celebrations such as the celebration of teething or the celebration of the child’s first year of schooling, etc., special and suitable birthday themes can be found in different colors and designs in the market.

In the following, we have prepared two images of the one-year-old birthday theme and the theme of the character of Kitty and the theme of Polka-Khali:

Decorating a child’s birthday party: decorating a birthday cake

After making the birthday decor and the birthday table, decorating the birthday cake becomes important. There are two important things in decorating a cake: cake topper and birthday candles, and we will give a brief explanation about each of them below:

Cake Topper

A cake topper is a device used to make a cake beautiful. These toppers have different types. From the point of view, toppers can be divided into two categories, two-dimensional and three-dimensional. In terms of being edible or inedible, it can also be divided into edible and non-edible categories.

In the gallery below, two examples of them are shown, but to see more examples, you can refer to the birthday cake topper address.

birthday candle

You can also prepare birthday candles based on the theme you have chosen and place them on the cake. Candles, like toppers, are available in different types, shapes and sizes in the market. You can find almost what you need in large confectioneries.

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