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Buying Guide To Candles

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In this article, we intend to introduce you to the quality of candles so that you can buy better candles, and we tried to prepare a comprehensive candle buying guide for you. The ideal candle in terms of quality is a candle that has less smoke and tears and also stays lit longer. Before we talk about this, we will first introduce you to the different types of consumables

Guide to buying candles

Before we talk about this, we will first introduce you to different types of consumables.

taper candles

These candles are the normal candles that we usually light in the middle of the wedding or dinner table. These types of candles are produced in two sizes of 20 and 30 cm.
Candle buying guide - taper candle
taper candles

pillar candle

pillar candles may have more than one wick. It is true that these candles are known as pillar candles, but not necessarily all the shapes of these candles are pillar, and they are also available in square, rhombus, and polygonal shapes in the market, but most of these candles are pillar. have better burning. pillar candles are widely used and popular for lighting the room in the dark and for meditation.
Red wreath pillar candle set
Red wreath pillar candle set

glass candle

These types of candles take the shape of the container they are inside and are usually filled inside a glass container
Candle buying guide: glass candle
glass candle
A glass candle is usually used a lot in restaurants or places like that, and the reason is that it is very safe and does not make its surroundings dirty. Another feature of glass candles is the ability to charge them. It means that every time the candle burns out, you can put the wick in it again and use the type.

Church candles

These types of candles are pillar and placed inside a glass Their difference with pillar candles is that they have better light distribution Well, now that we are familiar with the types of candles that are widely used in the markets of Iran, let’s go to the component parts and determine the quality of each candle:

Candle buying guide: types of candle wax

The important thing about candle wax is that different waxes have different melting temperatures. They also show different reactions to additives. According to a physical rule, the lower the melting temperature of a wax, the softer the wax is.


Paraffin is a widely used type of candle wax, this type of wax has different melting temperatures, which makes it possible to use it in all types of mentioned candles, and the hand of the candle maker is completely open to use it. Paraffin does not contain natural oils and therefore cannot be fragrant like other waxes that have a natural base. No matter how much you try to add aromatic oil to the paraffin to make it aromatic, eventually the aromatic oil will be separated from the paraffin.


This type of wax, which is evident from its name, is made from honey and is very aromatic and fragrant, and one of its characteristics is that it burns very slowly, but due to its high price, it is rarely used.

Animal wax

As the name suggests, animal wax is made from animal fat. This type of wax is the cheapest and lowest quality type of wax available. Animal wax has a lot of smoke and an unpleasant smell when burning, and its melting temperature is extremely low, and this factor makes it burn and end much sooner than other waxes. You must have seen the example of animal candles mixed with a bit of paraffin at the Ghariban dinner ceremony. It is not recommended to buy these types of candles. except for trivial and unimportant purposes. In order to identify these types of candles, you should also know that candles with animal wax are softer than candles with paraffin and, of course, they have more smoke than paraffin candles.


This type of wax has a high melting point and is usually used in decorative works. The reason for using this type of wax is that it is transparent and colorless, and it is usually used in candles that are placed in a physical candle.
jelly candle
jelly candle

Soy wax

This type of wax, which has a reasonable price, burns relatively cleanly and can be mixed with natural oils. This type of wax is used in scented candles and has very different melting points and can be used for all kinds of candles. Nowadays, the use of this type of wax has also increased with the increase in scented candles. One of the most common uses of soy wax is in scented warmer candles. In order to be able to recognize the quality of candle wax by its appearance, please refer to the article on how to recognize the type of candle.

Candle buying guide: candle wick

Candles have different wicks that should be used according to their type. Sometimes other wicks are used to make the candle cheaper, which reduces the quality of the candle.

Flat wick

These types of wicks are usually woven and consist of three fibers. Flat wicks burn permanently and their length decreases as they burn, and they are usually used for tall candles

Square wick

These types of wicks are thicker than the previous type and are a good option for candles with essential oils. These types of wicks, when they are in the candle, do not fall into patting as before and burn better Additives to the candle prevent the access of the candle to the wax, and in addition to smoking, these types are also used in tall candles.

Metal wick

In metal wicks, there is a strip of metal in the middle of them, which makes it so that the wick does not change direction and stays in place in the candles that use this type of wick. This type of wick is usually used in filled candles, because when the wax melts under the wick, ordinary wicks bend and go out. These types of wicks prevent the wick from bending and moving. In the following, we prepared photos where you can clearly see the metal strip inside the wick.

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