How candles are made?

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Here we are going to tell you the 4 methods used to produce candles

  1. Production of candles by flooding method
  2. Production of candles by spraying method
  3. Mold production of candles
  4. Production of candles using the container method

Flooding method:

This is the oldest and easiest way to make candles

It is enough to cut the wick into the melted paraffin and take it out

This method is used to make a small number of candles by hand

It is also used to make industrial candles with different numbers and sizes

How to do it


Heat the wax in a container to the desired temperature. The temperature required to melt the candle depends on the candle you prepared, but 70 degrees is a good temperature for paraffin to melt (90 degrees paraffin 10% stearin)

After that, choose the appropriate wick and put it inside the Charafin.

For the first time, when you take the wick inside, it should be soaked for about two minutes to let the air and moisture out of it. This step is called preparation of the wick and it should be done with all wicks. The wick can be pulled with your fingers when it cools down, so that if there is a lump of paraffin, it will open.

This makes sure that the final wicks are smooth and have a uniform shape.

Drip into the candle

When you have done this, now you can put the candles in and take them out. The wicks are repeatedly inserted into the paraffin for 3-4 seconds and kept outside for 3-4 minutes to cool down a bit.

They should be allowed to cool for 1 to 4 minutes between each dipping into the paraffin.

Every time the candle is dipped into the paraffin, another layer of paraffin is formed and the candle starts to take shape. In order to have a well-shaped candle, the wick must be completely inserted and pulled out slowly every time, so that there are no defects in the surface of the layers.

The length of the candles is the result of the height of the container they sink into, and their diameter is the result of the number of loads they go into.

Wax temperature is very important and should be measured regularly. If the temperature is too high, it will melt most of the paraffin on the wick and its diameter will not increase. And if the wax is allowed to get too cold, a layer will form on top of the wax and it will interfere with this process. The growth rate of the candle diameter is based on three factors.

  1. paraffin temperature
  2. room temperature
  3. The time between each dip of the wick.
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Making candles using the flooding method

Coloring and its effects

You can color this type of candles or paraffin and create a constant color for the candle, or you can add color at the last stage

Also, you can shape the candle before it cools enough and knead it on the metal or twist it.

Spray method:

This method has many similarities with the previous method, but it can only be used on a very small scale

This method is slower than the previous method and you can coat only one wick with paraffin at a time.

In this method, as in the previous method, you first prepare the wick and then add paraffin according to the shape of a parap

Formatting method

This method is the most common method used for decorative candles with special shapes.

Each candle needs time to cool in the mold.

Time is the only limiting factor for high volume production of this product.

Unless a very large number of templates are used.

How to do it


You must have a combination of paraffin for molding.

The ideal situation for the molding process is to use a hard paraffin that is obtained by using stearic acid. (The melting temperature should be around 60 to 68 degrees.)

The reason for using a harder paraffin than normal paraffin is that the candle does not stick to the walls of the mold.

Adding stearic acid causes both the hardness of the candle to increase and the candle to shrink when it cools.

When the wax is melting, the mold can be prepared. Be careful that a wick of suitable thickness that you have prepared before is placed in the hole of the mold. (Usually a hole is made at the bottom of the mold for this purpose.

Seal the hole with sealant. (You can get this material from hearing aid vendors.) Or you can use clay for this.

Fix the other side of the wick with a pencil or stick and make sure that the wick is in the middle

Making candles

When the temperature of the paraffin is about 90 degrees, use a pitcher to pour the paraffin in the center of the candle. Try to pour the paraffin slowly and slowly. Try not to splash paraffin on the walls.

Then tap the mold with your finger for a minute or two to release the air inside it.

Now you can put the mold somewhere to cool down. You can also put it in a bowl of water to cool it down faster.

When the wax cools, it shrinks and small holes appear.

These bubbles should be opened using a sharp knife and paraffin should be poured into them again

Note: Do not add more than the current level and height of the wax candle.

Note: Do not take it out of the mold until you are sure that it has cooled down enough.

To take it out of the mold, first remove the seam at the end of the mold. Once you release the wick, the candle should come out of the mold easily. But if it sticks to the mold, you can put it in the freezer or put it in cold water for a short time so that it shrinks more. .

If you still have problems, you can melt it again with hot water to cool it again, this will probably spoil the appearance of the candle.

Necessary equipment

Generally, candle molds are two models. Either soft and silicone model or hard and metal model. In addition to metal, hard molds are also made of materials such as plastic and glass.

Soft molds are much better for irregular shapes.

The molds that are sold are in many different designs and shapes, but you can also make them manually

Production of candles using the container method

These types of candles are generally small candles that are made inside a heat-resistant container.

Generally, they are also called glass candles.

The simplest form of this type of candle is a regular glass that is filled with melted paraffin and a wick is placed in the middle of it.

How to do it

Choosing the right container is very important. The container should be safe even when the candle is burning for a long time.

Materials that are resistant to heat, such as metal, glass and ceramic cans, are good storage containers.

Choosing wax is also very important.

The wax should burn slowly and shrink a little when it cools.

If it shrinks a lot, the candle will have a big hole.

To choose this type of candle, many natural waxes such as beeswax can be a very good option.

When the wax is melting. Put a wick that came earlier, which is longer than the length of your container, in the container.

Metal wicks are very good in this regard. Carefully fill the wax inside the container to the appropriate height and then place the wick in the scratched area.

Use a large needle for this. Allow the wax to cool slowly and then cut the wick.

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