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Baking Tools for Cake

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  • What are the tools needed for the cake?
  • What tools are needed to decorate the cake?
  • I want to make a homemade cream cake and then decorate it, what tools do I need?

In this article, we are going to answer all these questions and tell you that What tools are included in homemade birthday cake tools and types of cakes? A birthday cake requires its own tools, and many different tools are used to bake birthday cakes, which help to make our work easier and better. In this article, by introducing tools for baking birthday cakes and sweets, we will help you to get to know them, get to know their use and prepare the best one. To buy these items, you can buy in person from confectionery stores or from online stores such as Kusheh Online, Qanad Bashi, Narmila Store, etc.

Equipment required for the cake: baking tray

From the main Equipments required for cakes and sweets are an oven tray. The oven tray has different materials, the most important of which are Teflon and galvanized, which you can get in different sizes according to your needs. The main task of this birthday cake tool i.e. oven tray is suitable for heat and heat transfer in baking birthday cake. In the list below, we mentioned some characteristics of a suitable oven tray:

  • Don’t let the cake stick to it
  • The floor of the tray does not burn in the heat inside the oven
  • Resistant and durable
  • It should have a good weight and not be heavy
  • Spread the heat transfer evenly
Necessary cake tools - baking tray
Oven tray, one of the necessary items for the cake

Equipments needed for the cake: oven pan

Pan dishes, which are also known as oven dishes, exist in different shapes and sizes, and not always, but they can be one of The tools needed for baking cakes. The most important feature for choosing glass containers (such as Pyrex pans) is that they do not break in the oven and have high thermal resistance. Of course, if you don’t follow some tips, your dish may easily break in the oven. For example, one point is that oven dishes are not suitable for heating food. There are various shapes of baking dishes, and for example, if you want your cake to be round, you can use round Pyrex.


In the article Quality bakery ingredients is explained in detail about the raw materials for baking cakes and sweets and the quality detection, etc.


Equipments needed for cake - pan

Equipments needed for the cake: Types of molds

Cake molds are among the most important > There are homemade birthday cake items. Cake molds are needed for most birthday cakes. To prepare cakes and pastries, using a mold will help you a lot to get the final shape. Cake and pastry molds are made of various materials such as Teflon, silicone, metal, aluminum, etc. But remember, if you are looking for a durable mold, we must say that Teflon and silicone molds are more durable than metal and aluminum molds, but You have to pay more for it. Except for the type of mold that was mentioned, molds have different uses. You should choose the mold according to the cake or sweets you want to bake. In the following, we will describe muffin molds, loaf molds, cambered molds and silicone molds.

Cake Tools - Cake Mold
Cake Mold from birthday cake accessories

Muffin tin

Muffin mold from >The tools are required for a single cake. Muffin molds have different sizes and designs that can be used to bake a variety of individual cakes. Muffin molds are made of silicone and teflon, and they are actually round and small molds that can be placed on one surface in the number of 6, 12 or 24. Before silicone muffin molds entered the market, almost all muffin molds were metal, which did not have any special advantages. But silicone molds have advantages over metal types in many ways, such as less weight, uniform heat transfer, and even non-stickiness.

Cake Tools - Muffin Mold
Teflon Muffin Mold from Homemade birthday cake supplies

Loaf template

As its name suggests, loaf (which means bread), this mold is mostly used for baking fantasy bread, toast, or breakfast and evening bread, and after the bread is cooked and removed from the loaf mold, it should be rectangular. Cut it so that it is ready for serving.

Cake Tools - Loaf Mold
Loaf Mold from Cake Tools

Belt template

Belt mold is a type of round or square mold for cake, whose bottom and body can be separated from each other. The walls of the belt mold are fastened together with a clamp and allow you to easily open the mold and remove the cake after baking. Belt molds minimize the risk of cake damage when removing it. If you are interested in baking, you must buy a few sizes of these molds to make cheesecakes, sponge cakes and ice cream cakes.

A belt mold with a fastener like a belt that has a clip that makes the top and bottom of the mold separate and become two pieces. The use of this two-piece mold, which is one of the tools needed for the cake, is that when the cake is baked, you can easily remove the cake from the mold and you don’t have to worry about the cake sticking or spoiling. The camber mold is made of Teflon material and is available in different sizes. It is used for both pastry and cake baking, and it is mostly used for baking cheesecakes, but it can also be used to make delicious desserts. When the cake is cooked, you can easily open the cake belt with its clip and you don’t need to turn the cake over. Don’t worry about cake and jelly sticking by using this cake tool. وسایل مورد نیاز کیک - قالب کمربندی

Belt template from Cake Tools

silicone mold

Silicone molds are highly flexible. These types of molds are made of polymer and can withstand heat up to 500 degrees. These molds are usually used to prepare various kinds of jellies and desserts, of which there are various designs in the market. Cake essentials - silicone mold


Another one of the most important tools for baking a birthday cake is a mixer. There are two types of hand mixer and electric mixer available in the market. Of course, there are two types of electric mixers, bowl and bowlless. (In order to make it easier and save your time, we suggest you to use an electric mixer)


In all kinds of cake and pastry recipes, standard measures are used to measure ingredients.

Cake tools - all kinds of cake baking cups
Measuring cups and spoons

Measuring cups:

These measures are usually used to measure materials such as flour, cocoa powder and sugar.
Of course, they are also used to measure liquids.
A standard set of measures includes 4 different sizes of 1 measure. 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup.
Make sure that these cups should not be overfilled.
As a result, after filling them, use a knife to smooth their surface. (Each measure is equivalent to 236 ml)

Measuring spoons:

Measuring spoons are used for both dry and wet materials (liquids).
This set of spoons usually includes 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon and spoons with the size of 1/2 (one half) and 1/4 teaspoon.
Of course, there are different sets of measuring spoons in the market. available
The set of 5 which, in addition to what we said, is a spoon with a size of 1/2 tablespoon or in some cases 1/8 teaspoon, is more complete.
Of course, a set of measuring spoons is enough and There is definitely no need for a set of 5 or 6.

Graduated measure:

This type of measure is used to measure liquids and liquid substances.
The rating on these measures shows the amount of different amounts.
These measures have various capacities, including 1 measure, 2 measure and 4 measure. They are of plastic or glass type.
If you want to have only one of them, we suggest you a graduated glass measuring cup with a capacity of 2 cups.

Necessary cake tools - graduated pitcher


Sifters are used to lighten the flour and also to separate the crushed ingredients in the preparation of all kinds of sweets and cakes.

Cake tools - cake baking sieve


A special palette is used to smooth the surface of cakes and sweets.
They are available in two types, smooth and broken, and have different sizes.

Birthday cake baking tools - palette


Cutters have various shapes and sizes and are the most suitable tools for shaping all kinds of sweets and fondant dough. It is a good steel that can be washed in the dishwasher.
But there are also plastic materials, of course, we advise you to use these steels, they are easy to work with and last longer.

Cake essentials - cake cutter

Types of spools and funnels:

Masoureh, funnel and cap are tools for decorating and sprinkling cream on all kinds of cakes and desserts. They have different types, which you can prepare according to your taste.
The funnel can be cloth or plastic and disposable, or it can be a large syringe with a movable and opening piston. Masoureh is used on the funnel.

Cake turntable:

One of the tools for baking a birthday cake is a rotating cake stand for decorating the cake.
The base of the cake is usually available in different materials and in different designs and sizes.

Lisk and brush:

The spatula can be used to fold (rotate upside down) pastry and cake ingredients.
The brush is also used to grease the cake and pastry molds.

Cake tools - cake brush and spatula
Lisk and Ferche


One of the most important tools for baking a birthday cake is a rolling pin.
Using this tool, you can roll the desired dough to the required thickness.
The rolling pin has different types, but one of the most popular types of this The tool is a wooden rolling pin

Cake tools - cake rolling pin

Paper capsule:

Paper cake capsules are mostly used for Yazdi cakes and cupcakes.
The cake material does not stick to the mold and is easily removed.

Items needed for the cake - paper capsules
Paper capsule

Fondant tools:

Fondant dough is one of the most common coatings for making cakes today.
Different tools are used to shape this dough, such as:
Types of fondant cutters, fondant stamps, fondant irons, special rollers. Fondant and fondant texture

Oil paper:

One of the most basic tools for baking all kinds of sweets and cakes is oil paper.
By using oil paper, there is no need to grease the mold or oven tray anymore.
You can easily put the ingredients inside He poured the mold without worrying about it sticking to the mold.

Confectionery tools - parchment paper
Oil paper

Cooling shelf:

This rack or net is used when you take the cake or cookies out of the oven and place them on these racks to cool.

Syringes and injection tools:

Nowadays, the use of injection jelly, especially making flowers with injection jelly, has increased.
The tools required for this work are syringes and jelly tools in different designs that are available in the market and you can buy them from online stores. prepare.



In the article Quality bakery ingredients is explained in detail about the raw materials for baking cakes and sweets and the quality detection, etc.

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